What is Eire?

  • (noun): A republic consisting of 26 of 32 counties comprising the island of Ireland; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1921.
    Synonyms: Ireland, Irish Free State

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The Erie Pub
... The Eire Pub is a pub in Dorchester, Massachusetts ... Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton both visited the pub since then, stopping at Eire Pub has become a superstition for political candidates hoping to follow in Reagan and Clinton's footsteps ... Martin Nicholson, bartender at the Eire Pub for 45 years, retired in 2010 ...
Éire - Use of Eire in Britain and The US
... In 1938 the British government provided in the Eire (Confirmation of Agreements) Act 1938 that British legislation could henceforth refer to the Irish Free State as "Eire" (but ... signage in 2011 Liverpool John Lennon Airport has an arrivals area for "Eire and Channel Islands" ... Eire" is generally deplored by Irish language speakers, partly because it is a misspelling and partly because "eire" can also mean a burden, load or encumbrance, giving a slightly ...
Ireland At The Olympics - Political Issues - Name of The Country
... After the 1937 Constitution took effect, the IOC switched to "Eire" this conformed to British practice, although within the state so designated the use of "Eire" soon became deprecated ... came into effect in 1949, British policy was to use "Republic of Ireland" rather than "Eire" ...
Partition Of Ireland - Details of The Partition - Division of Territorial Waters - British Cabinet Consideration in 1949
... may have to be taken by the United Kingdom Government as a result of Eire's ceasing to be a member of the Commonwealth" ... Article 2 of the Eire Constitution of 1937 provided that the national territory included the whole of the territorial seas of Ireland, and Eire spokesmen have ... is partly on the Northern Ireland side and partly on the Eire side of the Lough ...
Treaty Ports (Ireland) - Lough Swilly Handover (3 October 1938)
... FORTS HANDED OVER TO EIRE - Britain's last forts in Eire, those on the gale-swept Lough Swilly at Dunree and Leenan, were surrendered to the Eire Defence Forces yesterday ... The Union Jack, was hauled down by two Royal Artillery N.C.O.s and the Eire green, white, and orange flag was run up by two N.C.O.s of the Coastal ... Artillery, who hauled down the Union Jack, and Sergeant McLaughlin, of the Eire force, who hoisted the tricolour, are brothers-in-law ...

Famous quotes containing the word eire:

    Come near; I would, before my time to go,
    Sing of old Eire and the ancient ways:
    Red Rose, proud Rose, sad Rose of all my days.
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)