What is ease off?

  • (verb): Reduce pressure or intensity.
    Synonyms: ease up, let up
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Norbert Schwarz - Feelings As Information
... Schwarz suggests that metacognitive experiences, such as the feeling of ease or difficulty in recalling or processing information, can exert significant influence on judgments ... of their subjective feelings of ease or difficulty in information processing ... As another example, inferences about familiarity can be drawn from feelings of ease ...
Makoto Nagano - Sasuke Competitions - 20–25
... tournament he cleared the first two stages with ease ... competition Nagano completed the first six obstacles with ease but when he tried the new obstacle, the Slider Jump he couldn't hold onto the net and fell into the water ... He again cleared the first 6 obstacles with ease but when he got to the Slider Jump he let go too early and couldn't reach the net ...
Reasons For Introducing Access Methods
... Access methods provide Ease of programming - programmer would no longer deal with a specific device procedures, including error detection and recovery tactics in each and every program ... Ease of hardware replacement - programmer would no longer alter a program when data should be migrated to newer model of storage device, provided it supports the same access methods ... Ease shared data set access - an access method is a trusted program, that allows multiple programs to access the same file, while ensuring the basic data integrity and ...
Packard Bell Navigator - Design and Functionality
... Most pre-1995 versions contained a GUI very similar to the Apple Computer At Ease, but without the folders ... Unlike At Ease, programs were grouped in sections such as "Microsoft DOS", "Microsoft Windows", "Service Support", and "Software" ... This is similar to the design of Microsoft Bob, which ran on top of Windows, and At Ease, which ran on top of Mac OS Finder ...
Military Parades - Common Parade Commands - Rest Positions
... Stand at Ease (U.S ... Have the soldiers adopt the more relaxed position At Ease position, with feet shoulder width apart, hands clasped behind back but with upper body half still in position of attention (chest ... Changing from At Ease to Attention and back again, or the converse, is standard when the command of a parade is transferred (typically between the commanding officer ...

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Famous quotes containing the word ease:

    That having ease me given,
    With full delight,
    I leave this light;
    And take my flight
    For Heaven.
    Robert Herrick (1591–1674)

    You cannot have one well-bred man without a whole society of such. They keep each other up to any high point. Especially women;Mit requires a great many cultivated women,—saloons of bright, elegant, reading women, accustomed to ease and refinement, to spectacles, pictures, sculpture, poetry, and to elegant society, in order that you have one Madame de Staël.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)