What is earn?

More definitions of "earn":

  • (verb): Acquire or deserve by one's efforts or actions.
    Synonyms: garner

Famous quotes containing the word earn:

    “A man has got to keep his extrication.
    The important thing is not to get bogged down
    In what he has to do to earn a living....”
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)

    Certainly the effort to remain unchanged, young, when the body gives so impressive a signal of change as the menopause, is gallant; but it is a stupid, self-sacrificial gallantry, better befitting a boy of twenty than a woman of forty-five or fifty. Let the athletes die young and laurel-crowned. Let the soldiers earn the Purple Hearts. Let women die old, white-crowned, with human hearts.
    Ursula K. Le Guin (b. 1929)

    You know that your toddler needed love and approval but he often seemed not to care whether he got it or not and never seemed to know how to earn it. Your pre-school child is positively asking you to tell him what does and does not earn approval, so he is ready to learn any social refinement of being human which you will teach him....He knows now that he wants your love and he has learned how to ask for it.
    Penelope Leach (20th century)