What is domesticate?

  • (verb): Make fit for cultivation, domestic life, and service to humans.
    Synonyms: tame
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List Of Domesticated Animals - Semidomesticated, Routinely Captive-bred, or Domestication Status Unclear
... bee (Apis mellifera ligustica) 1880s Italy honey, pollination easy to domesticate European dark bee (Apis mellifera mellifera) European dark bee (Apis mellifera ... rubiginosus) date uncertain India, Sri Lanka pets easy to domesticate Star Finch (Neochmia ruficauda) Star Finch (Neochmia ruficauda) date uncertain ...
Blažej Baláž - Cycle Treptomachia
... (WARTEZEIT, 2006, WARTERAUM, 2006 and How to domesticate the English language, 2006) ... In this regard Baláž's eff ort culminates by the diptych TREPTOMACHIA.EN-A / How to domesticate the English language and TREPTOMACHIA.DE-B / How to domesticate the German language (2006) ...

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    I now require this of all pictures, that they domesticate me, not that they dazzle me. Pictures must not be too picturesque. Nothing astonishes men so much as common-sense and plain dealing. All great actions have been simple, and all great pictures are.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    After a moment of shrinking back, we domesticate the grotesque.
    Mason Cooley (b. 1927)