What is dive?

  • (noun): A cheap disreputable nightclub or dance hall.
    Synonyms: honkytonk
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Dive - Other
... Crash dive, a maneuver performed by a submarine Dive (aviation), a rapid descent by an aircraft Dive bar, a type of bar or pub Dive (river), France Lake Dive ...
Lake Dive
... Lake Dive is located in the south east of the Egmont National Park at a height of 907 m above sea level ... It was discovered in 1887 by Bradshaw Dive on his descent from the summit when he saw what he believed to be a lake ... In April 1964 the Lake Dive Hut was opened a short distance from the lake ...
Claudia Serpieri - World Records
... She holds a number of world records women's deepest dive on open circuit (211 m, 692 ft), women's deepest altitude dive in cold water (180 m, 591 ft ... holds the Italian women’s record for deepest dive in a sinkhole (103 m, 338 ft) and in a cave (86 m, 282 ft), and leads the exploration team at the sinkhole Merro in Italy (199 m, 653 ft) ...
Sergei Kramarenko - The Korean War (1950-53) - Clash of Titans
... and my MiG momentarily did a half roll, dropping into a dive ... While in the dive, I looked back and saw a group consisting of three Sabres right behind me in a dive ... I could have initiated a dive, but I have been told that the Sabre was heavier than the MiG, so it should dive better ...
Swan Dive
... Founded in 1995, Swan Dive is an American musical duo composed of Bill DeMain and Molly Felder ... Swan Dive is best known for their album Circle, released in 1998 ... Swan Dive has appeared on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, and opened shows for Barack Obama, Over the Rhine and Sixpence None The Richer, and their music has been heard on television ...

More definitions of "dive":

  • (noun): A headlong plunge into water.
    Synonyms: diving
  • (verb): Plunge into water.
    Example: "I was afraid to dive from the board into the pool"
  • (noun): A steep nose-down descent by an aircraft.
    Synonyms: nose dive
  • (verb): Swim under water.
    Example: "The children enjoyed diving and looking for shells"

Famous quotes containing the word dive:

    I don’t take no dive for nobody. Whaddya think I am, a tanker!
    Abraham Polonsky (b. 1910)

    All we who prefer to live
    Have a little whistle we give,
    And flash, at the least alarm
    We dive down under the farm.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)

    If you chance to live and move and have your being in that thin stratum in which the events that make the news transpire,—thinner than the paper on which it is printed,—then these things will fill the world for you; but if you soar above or dive below that plane, you cannot remember nor be reminded of them.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)