What is discolor?

  • (verb): Lose color or turn colorless.
    Example: "The painting discolored"
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Some articles on discolor:

... discolor by USDA) Holodiscus argenteus Mexico Holodiscus discolor (syn ... discolor by USDA) Holodiscus nitida Colombia Holodiscus orizabae southern Mexico Holodiscus pernethyoides Bolivia Holodiscus saxicola western US (Cali ...
... Brachylaena is a genus of flowering plant in the Asteraceae family ... Notable species include Brachylaena calodendrum Brachylaena discolor var ...
Cirsium Discolor
... Cirsium discolor (Field Thistle) is a species of thistle in the genus Cirsium ... External images Distribution of Cirsum Discolor in the United States Field thistle has a pink or lavender flower that blooms in late summer/early fall ...
Tranzschelia Discolor F.sp. Persica
... Tranzschelia discolor f.sp ... discolor f.sp ... persica Binomial name Tranzschelia discolor f.sp ...
List Of Dendrobium Species - D
... Dendrobium dionaeoides Dendrobium discerptum Dendrobium discocaulon Dendrobium discolor – Golden Orchid Dendrobium discolor ssp ... discolor Dendrobium discolor ssp ... incurvata Dendrobium discolor var ...

More definitions of "discolor":

  • (verb): Cause to lose or change color.
    Example: "The detergent discolored my shirts"