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Effective Nuclear Charge
... The effective nuclear charge (often symbolize as or Z*) is the net positive charge experienced by an electron in a multi-electron atom ... higher orbital electrons from experiencing the full nuclear charge by the repelling effect of inner-layer electrons ... The effective nuclear charge experienced by the outer shell electron is also called the core charge ...
USS Wilkes (DD-441) - History - 1942 - Operation Torch
... Wilkes dropped a standard nine-charge pattern ... Thereafter, sound conditions were unfavorable due to the depth charge turbulence which was extreme in the shallow water 40 fathoms (73 m) ... fire on a surfaced submarine and also made a depth charge attack with negative results ...
SM U-29 (Austria-Hungary) - Service Career
3,486-ton British ship captive three other men lost their lives in the attack ... Eight persons died in the attack ... Escorting destroyers launched a depth charge attack on U-29 but did not succeed in damaging the U-boat ...
USS Harder (SS-257) - Operational History - Fifth War Patrol: Philippine Mission
... As one of the destroyers turned to attack, Harder submerged, turned her stern to the charging destroyer, and fired three torpedoes at range of 1,100 yards (1,000 m) ... escort without success, Harder was held down by a depth charge attack while the convoy escaped ... Following the inevitable depth charge attack, Harder transited the Sibutu Passage after dark and steamed to the northeast coast of Borneo ...
Charge - Entertainment
... Charge!!, a 2005 album by The Aquabats Charged Productions, an animation studio Charge (Soca album), by Machel Montano Charge (TV series), youth television program which began in 2007 Charged (album) (2001), by ...

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    And whether it is Thursday, or the day is stormy,
    With thunder and rain, or the birds attack each other,
    We have rolled into another dream.
    John Ashbery (b. 1927)

    Primarily I am a passionately religious man, and my novels must be written from the depth of my religious experience.
    —D.H. (David Herbert)

    The sick man is taken away by the institution that takes charge not of the individual, but of his illness, an isolated object transformed or eliminated by technicians devoted to the defense of health the way others are attached to the defense of law and order or tidiness.
    Michel de Certeau (1925–1986)