What is depict?

  • (verb): Give a description of.
    Synonyms: describe, draw
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Lukasa - Types
... a narrative type as a whole, as well as portions of the artwork itself that depict separate types of narratives ... taking place at Troy without having to depict the actual city of Troy ... dragging Hector’s body around the city of Troy without having to depict the ...
Mapping Soil Functions
... Soil maps can depict soil properties and functions in the context of specific soil functions such as agricultural food production, environmental protection ... Maps can depict functional interpretations of specific properties such as critical nutrient levels, heavy-metal levels or can depict interpretation of multiple properties such as a map of ... pedotransfer functions and soil inference models) to depict inferences about the specific performance of soil mapping units ...
What Is Metarealism?
... Metarealism seeks to depict the reality which exist beyond that psychological subjective perspective ... of consciousness just like in the old days artists painted sacred art to depict their vision of the reality they perceived, through their spiritual interpretation of other ... a sacred art, in that it also tries to depict, through a perspective, the essence of reality as perceived by a metaconscious mind ...
Church Of The Multiplication - Interior - Mosaics
... The mosaics in the two transepts depict various wetland birds and plants, with a prominent place given to the lotus flower ... All the other motifs depict plants and animals from the Galilee ... The mosaics found in front of the altar depict two fish flanking a basket containing loaves of bread ...
St. William Parish Lawn Crest - Stained Glass - Upper Church
... The eight in the nave depict the movements of the priest's hands as the Eucharistic Prayer transpires during the Mass ... not overly elaborate, nor large and sometimes referred to as "the phone dial" depicts the Holy Spirit shining down upon those who enter the Church ... windows of glass more colorful than the rest, which depict the life of Christ ...

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    To develop an empiricist account of science is to depict it as involving a search for truth only about the empirical world, about what is actual and observable.... It must involve throughout a resolute rejection of the demand for an explanation of the regularities in the observable course of nature, by means of truths concerning a reality beyond what is actual and observable, as a demand which plays no role in the scientific enterprise.
    Bas Van Fraassen (b. 1941)

    The inability to listen and to depict in the countenance what others have said has spoiled many a good actress.
    Julia Marlowe (1870–1950)