What is demo?

  • (noun): A visual presentation showing how something works.
    Synonyms: demonstration
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Inhuman Conditions
... Inhuman Conditions is the second and final demo by American death metal band Injustice, before their breakup ... Various elements present on the demo including acoustic and atmospheric breaks help to establish the demo as "ahead of its time" ...
Kaisa Jouhki - Biography - The First Demo and Napalm Records (1999-2004)
... Battlelore's first demo Warrior's Tale was released in 1999, the same year of the founding of the group, but Battlelore attracted the attention of the Austrian record label Napalm Records only after the ... the label, the band recorded an untitled 3-tracks demo before finally signing the contract...Where the Shadows Lie, which includes re-recorded songs coming from early demos, was published in 2002 with good success ...
Final Holocaust - Track Listing
545 "Trained to Kill" – 413 "Beyond The Prophecy" – 321 "Apocalyptic Warrior" – 605 (Demo 1989) "Nearer From Death" – 750 (Demo 1989) "Sentenced For Life" – 516 (Demo ...
Crimson (Alkaline Trio album) - Track Listing - Crimson (Deluxe Edition) Disc 2
... Time to Waste" (Demo) – 324 "The Poison" (Demo) – 134 "Burn" (Matt's Home Demo) – 257 "Mercy Me" (Acoustic) – 312 "Dethbed" (Demo) – 256 "Set ...
Demo - Other Uses
... DEMO, a proposed experimental nuclear fusion reactor Demo (comics), a comic book series by Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan DEMOs, a business process design methodology by Jan Dietz Demo, a daughter of Celeus and ...

More definitions of "demo":

  • (verb): Show or demonstrate something to an interested audience.
    Example: "We will demo the new software in Washington"
    Synonyms: show, exhibit, present, demonstrate