What is demarcation?

  • (noun): A conceptual separation or demarcation.
    Synonyms: line, dividing line, contrast
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Demarcation is the act of creating a boundary around a place or thing.

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Battle Of Lake Khasan
... side that the Soviet Union misinterpreted the demarcation of the boundary based on the Treaty of Peking between Imperial Russia and the Manchu Empire (and subsequent ...
... Demarcation is the act of creating a boundary around a place or thing ... Demarcation may also refer to Demarcation line, a temporary border between the countries Demarcation problem, the question of what theories or beliefs lie within the ...
Demarcation Line
... A demarcation line means simply a boundary around a specific area, but is commonly used to denote a temporary geopolitical border, often agreed upon as part of ... See the following examples The Blue Line is a border demarcation between Lebanon and Israel published by the United Nations on 7 June 2001 for the purposes of determining whether Israel had fully withdrawn from Lebanon ... The Curzon Line was a demarcation line proposed in 1920 by British Foreign Secretary Lord Curzon of Kedleston as a possible armistice line between Poland to ...
Carrier Ethernet Demarcation
... Carrier Ethernet demarcation is a key element in Carrier Ethernet services and transport networks for business, wholesale and mobile backhaul applications, as ... premises equipment (CPE) to the network with provider-owned demarcation devices that are deployed at customer locations, thereby enabling a clear ... Carrier Ethernet demarcation devices are required to support services, such as Ethernet Private Line (EPL), Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL or E-LAN), and Ethernet Virtual Private Tree (E-Tree), as specified by ...
Republic Of China–Japan Relations - Fishery Demarcation
... on the Law of the Sea that Japan is privileged on the fishery demarcation to the southern tip of its surrounding territorial waters, but Taiwan asserts that it is a member that participates as a ... Japan and Association of East Asian Relations of Republic of China (Taiwan) on fishery demarcation from 1996 to 2009, and the dispute of Exclusive Economic Zone between Japan and Republic of ...

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