What is deform?

  • (verb): Assume a different shape or form.
    Synonyms: change shape, change form
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Some articles on deform:

Cheerios Effect - Explanation
... These objects deform the liquid surface downward ... denser than water will repel objects less dense than water dense objects deform the water surface downward, and less dense objects tend to move upward, away ... Objects with an irregular meniscus also deform the water surface, forming "capillary multipoles" ...
The Berzerker (album) - Track Listing
326 "Chronological Order of Putrefaction" – 248 "Deform" – 244 "Slit down" – 138 "February" – 407 "Mono Grind" – 101 "Ignorance" – 201 "Humanity" – 143 "95" – 352 "Ode To Nash" – 543 Released. 443 "Cannibal Rights (Live)" – 206 "Deform (Live)" – 245 "Intro Commentary" – 057 "Isolated vocal tracks from "Massacre"" – 116 "Forever commentary ...
Thermodynamics of Surface Stress
... The work for the first step here, is equal to that needed to deform the bulk volume and the two surfaces ... is equal to the excess work needed to elastically deform two surfaces of area to area or the work associated with the second step of the second path ...
Burnishing (metal) - Mechanics
... As this normal force increases, both the ball and the plate's surface deform ... flat plate is softer than the ball, the plate's surface will always deform more ... At the same time, the normal force will deform both objects, just as with the static situation ...

More definitions of "deform":

  • (verb): Become misshapen.
    Example: "The sidewalk deformed during the earthquake"
  • (verb): Cause (a plastic object) to assume a crooked or angular form.
    Synonyms: flex, bend, twist, turn
  • (verb): Alter the shape of (something) by stress.
    Synonyms: distort, strain
  • (verb): Make formless.
    Example: "The heat deformed the plastic sculpture"