What is decelerate?

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Moving Walkway - Designs - High-speed Walkways
... a sequence of belts moving at different speeds to accelerate and decelerate riders ... At the exit, the same technique is used to decelerate the riders ... Users step on to a series of rollers which decelerate them slowly, rather than the abrupt halt which would otherwise take place ...

More definitions of "decelerate":

  • (verb): Reduce the speed of.
    Synonyms: slow down

Famous quotes containing the word decelerate:

    The landscape of the northern Sprawl woke confused memories of childhood for Case, dead grass tufting the cracks in a canted slab of freeway concrete. The train began to decelerate ten kilometers from the airport. Case watched the sun rise on the landscape of childhood, on broken slag and the rusting shells of refineries.
    William Gibson (b. 1948)