What is debar?


Debar (Macedonian: Дебaр ; Albanian: Dibër) is a city in the western part of the Republic of Macedonia, near the border with Albania, on the road from Struga to Gostivar. It is the seat of Debar Municipality.

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Wauba Debar
... Wauba Debar (1792–1832) was a female Tasmanian aborigine ... Wauba Debar, as a teenager, was one of many aboriginal women kidnapped and enslaved by sealers and whalers for sexual partners during the European colonisation of Tasmania ...
Second Pledge At Al-Aqabah - Event - Pledge
... To defend me in case I seek your help, and debar me from anything you debar yourself, your spouses and children from ... to enter the fold of Islam and concluded saying "I give you my pledge that you debar me from whatever you debar your women and children from." Here Al-Bara’ bin Ma‘rur, caught him by hand ...
Debar Municipality
... Debar (Macedonian Дебар, Albanian Dibra, Turkish Debre) is a municipality in western part of Republic of Macedonia ... Debar is also the name of the town where the municipal seat is found ... Debar Municipality is part of the Southwestern Statistical Region ...
List Of Islands Of The Republic Of Macedonia - Lake Islands - Debar Lake
... Debar Lake Island (41°27′43.73″N 20°31′58.49″E / 41.4621472°N 20.5329139°E / 41.4621472 20.5329139 (Debar Lake Island)) ...
Ohrid–Debar Uprising
... The Ohrid–Debar uprising (Macedonian Охридско-Дебaрско вoстание, Ohridsko-Debarsko vostanie Serbian ... against the Serbian capture of the regions of Ohrid, Debar and Struga ...

More definitions of "debar":

  • (verb): Prevent from entering; keep out.
    Synonyms: bar, exclude
  • (verb): Bar temporarily; from school, office, etc..
    Synonyms: suspend