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"Dearest" is the 24th single released by Ayumi Hamasaki. It was released September 27, 2001. It is featured on the Best of InuYasha Soundtrack. It was the third ending theme of the anime series InuYasha.

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Dolly Dearest - Reception
... Critical reception for Dolly Dearest was mostly negative, with DVD Verdict writing that "aside from a handful of fun moments, there's nothing much here to ... Talk panned the film, saying "in the "killer doll" sub-genre of stupid horror flicks, Dolly Dearest may very well be the most moronic" ... The Austin Chronicle also reviewed the movie, giving Dolly Dearest 2 1/2 out of 5 stars ...
Haydn Quartets (Mozart) - The Dedication
... Here they are then, O great Man and dearest Friend, these six children of mine ... You, yourself, dearest friend, told me of your satisfaction with them during your last Visit to this Capital ... who so greatly values it, in expectation of which I am, with all of my Heart, my dearest Friend, your most Sincere Friend, W.A ...
Mu Isamaa, Mu õnn Ja Rõõm - English Version (non-literal)
... thee, For true to death I'll ever be, O worthy, most beloved and fine, Thou, dearest country mine! May God in Heaven thee gave birth to me, My best, my dearest land! May ...
Golden Raspberry Award For Worst Supporting Actress - 1980s
... Betsy Palmer - Friday the 13th Marilyn Sokol - Can't Stop the Music 1981 Diana Scarwid - Mommie Dearest Rutanya Alda - Mommie Dearest Farrah Fawcett ...
Calm Down Dearest
... "Calm Down Dearest" is Jamie T's third single his album Panic Prevention ... "Calm Down Dearest" also has the B side "Fox News" ...

Famous quotes containing the word dearest:

    ... when one reflects on the books one never has written, and never may, though their schedules lie in the beautiful chirography which marks the inception of an unexpressed thought upon the pages of one’s notebook, one is aware, of any given idea, that the chances are against its ever being offered to one’s dearest readers.
    Elizabeth Stuart Phelps (1844–1911)

    It is visible then that it was not any Heathen Religion or other Idolatrous Superstition, that first put Man upon crossing his Appetites and subduing his dearest Inclinations, but the skilful Management of wary Politicians; and the nearer we search into human Nature, the more we shall be convinced, that the Moral Virtues are the Political Offspring which Flattery begot upon Pride.
    Bernard De Mandeville (1670–1733)

    Nothing in his life
    Became him like the leaving it. He died
    As one that had been studied in his death
    To throw away the dearest thing he owed
    As ‘twere a careless trifle.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)