What is daytime?

  • (noun): The time after sunrise and before sunset while it is light outside.
    Example: "It is easier to make the repairs in the daytime"
    Synonyms: day, daylight
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Some articles on daytime:

Serialized Drama - History - Soap Operas
... One of the other shows that helped pioneer the daytime soap opera/serial was The Guiding Light, which debuted on NBC radio in 1937, and then switched to CBS Television in 1952 ... Guiding Light and such other daytime television program serials such as As the World Turns (premiered in 1956), General Hospital (premiered in 1963), Days of our Lives (premiered in 1965 ... the 1970s and the 1980s a full orchestra provided the score, the daytime dramas of today use cutting-edged synth-driven music (in a way, music for soaps has come full-cir ...
Sonic Unleashed - Reception
... stemmed from the game's change of speed, from high-speed daytime sections to the slower, night-time sections the "pace-breaking combat levels" were described as "plodding", as well as "lethargic ... In stark contrast to the Werehog sections, many reviewers found the daytime levels to be enjoyable, especially the "exhilarating" sense of speed they provide with "the most satisfying gameplay of any Sonic ... that they would have appreciated the game more had it consisted solely of, and expanded upon, the daytime levels ...
Astro Boy (2004 Video Game) - Soundtrack - Track List
... Kagaku Shō Choukan Shitsu (Hiru)/Science Ministry Chief's Chambers (Daytime) 警告 Keikoku/Advice 落花 Rakka/Falling Petals お茶の水博士ボイス Ochanomizu Hakase Boisu/Dr ... Voice メトロシティ(昼) Metoro Shiti (Hiru)/Metro City (Daytime) 地上最大のロボット Chijō Saidai no Robotto/The Enormous Robot Above Ground ...
Lena Kundera And Bianca Montgomery - Reception and Impact - Popularity
... Sosnovska stated, "I would never have known what a powerful tool TV could be, especially daytime ... do not have "many characters" they can call their own, and had never had a daytime couple that they "could pin hopes and dreams on" ... was given "the chance to see two sexy, confident, and very out women together as daytime television's first lesbian couple" ...
Merv Griffin's Crosswords - Broadcast History - Aborted Renewal
... programs to air as part of a Program Partners "Daytime Plus" package ... most of the rest did not opt for either of the other "Daytime Plus" options (although WNBC in New York, which had aired Crosswords, added both) and instead opted for other new syndicated programming – either game ... considered cancelled in February 2009, and around the same time the "Daytime Plus" experiment ended when Program Partners pulled Inside the Box from its affiliates ...

More definitions of "daytime":

  • (adj): Happening during or appropriate to the day.
    Example: "A daytime job"; "daytime television"; "daytime clothes"

Famous quotes containing the word daytime:

    This was your place of birth, this daytime palace,
    This miracle of glass....
    Philip Larkin (1922–1986)