What is date?

  • (noun): A meeting arranged in advance.
    Example: "She asked how to avoid kissing at the end of a date"
    Synonyms: appointment, engagement
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More definitions of "date":

  • (noun): The particular day, month, or year (usually according to the Gregorian calendar) that an event occurred.
    Example: "He tried to memorizes all the dates for his history class"
  • (verb): Provide with a dateline; mark with a date.
    Example: "She wrote the letter on Monday but she dated it Saturday so as not to reveal that she procrastinated"
  • (noun): A particular day specified as the time something will happen.
    Example: "The date of the election is set by law"
  • (noun): A participant in a date.
    Example: "His date never stopped talking"
    Synonyms: escort
  • (noun): A particular but unspecified point in time.
    Example: "They hoped to get together at an early date"
  • (verb): Date regularly; have a steady relationship with.
    Example: "He is dating his former wife again!"
    Synonyms: go steady, go out, see
  • (verb): Assign a date to; determine the (probable) date of.
    Example: "Scientists often cannot date precisely archeological or prehistorical findings"
  • (noun): The present.
    Example: "They are up to date"; "we haven't heard from them to date"
  • (noun): The specified day of the month.
    Example: "What is the date today?"
    Synonyms: day of the month
  • (noun): Sweet edible fruit of the date palm with a single long woody seed.
  • (verb): Go on a date with.
    Example: "Tonight she is dating a former high school sweetheart"

Famous quotes containing the word date:

    Yesterday, December 7, 1941Ma date that will live in infamy—the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.
    Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882–1945)

    We, when we sow the seeds of doubt deeper than the most up-to- date and modish free-thought has ever dreamed of doing, we well know what we are about. Only out of radical skepsis, out of moral chaos, can the Absolute spring, the anointed Terror of which the time has need.
    Thomas Mann (1875–1955)

    I date the end of the old republic and the birth of the empire to the invention, in the late thirties, of air conditioning. Before air conditioning, Washington was deserted from mid-June to September.... But after air conditioning and the Second World War arrived, more or less at the same time, Congress sits and sits while the presidents—or at least their staffs—never stop making mischief.
    Gore Vidal (b. 1925)