What is courier?

  • (noun): A person who carries a message.
    Synonyms: messenger


A courier delivers messages, packages, and mail. Couriers are distinguished from ordinary mail services by features such as speed, security, tracking, signature, specialization and individualization of express services, and swift delivery times, which are optional for most everyday mail services. As a premium service, couriers are usually more expensive than usual mail services, and their use is typically restricted to packages where one or more of these features are considered important enough to warrant the cost.

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Some articles on courier:

Clandestine HUMINT - Support Services - Couriers
... A courier has no responsibilities other than clandestine communications ... Any involvement of the courier in activities that may draw attention from counterintelligence is unwise ... be considered favorable to Service B, couriers, under no circumstances, should be identified with them ...
Blue Discharge - Black Press Crusade
1945, Black-interest newspaper The Pittsburgh Courier launched a crusade against the discharge and its abuses calling the discharge "a vicious instrument that should not be perpetrated against the American ... The Courier specifically noted the discrimination faced by homosexual blue-tickets, calling them "'unfortunates' of the Nation...being preyed upon by the blue discharge" and demanded ... The Courier printed instructions on how to appeal a blue discharge and warned readers against accepting a blue ticket out of the service because of the negative effect it would likely have on their lives ...
The Courier (ACP-EU) - History
... Originally entitled The ACP-EU Courier, the first issue of the magazine was published in 1970, but it was with the 1st Lomé Convention and the creation of the ACP Group in 1975 that that frequent publication took ... According to article 5, the ACP-EU Courier had a role to increase understanding of the ACP-EU partnership’s development policies ... An interim electronic Courier (The e-Courier) was issued from June 2005 to January 2007 ...
Sonya Butt - Special Operations Executive
... the Sarthe in the area of Le Mans to work as a Courier, under the codename "Blanche" ... She was Courier to Christopher Hudson (codename Albin), the organizer of the Reseau (Circuit) Headmaster ... She later said modestly "I filled in wherever the need arose." As a courier her primary roles were to carry money, pass messages and maintain liaison with all of the SOE ...
Courier Industry By Country - Ireland
... Main courier services available in Ireland are AnPost.ie, DHL.ie, UPS.com, TNT.com, fedex.com ...