What is counterbalance?

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Pteranodon - Biology and Ecology - Crest Function
... Eaton proposed two possibilities an aerodynamic counterbalance and a muscle attachment point ... that a secondary function of the crest might have been as a counterbalance against the long beak, reducing the need for heavy neck muscles to control the orientation of the head ... Wind tunnel tests showed that the crest did function as an effective counterbalance to a degree, but Bennett noted that again, the hypothesis focuses only on the long crests of male P ...
Steadicam - Description
... to the Steadicam armature which has the camera mounted at one end and a counterbalance weight at the other ... The counterbalance usually includes the battery pack and a monitor ... in most models can be extended, with the monitor and batteries at the bottom to counterbalance the camera weight ...
Hydraulic Hooklift Hoist - System Components - Safety Features
... Counterbalance valves, also called load holding valves or over-center valves, serve as hydraulic resistance to the actuating cylinder when the load weight is required to be held in position for a ... * Remote mounted system, in which the counterbalance valve is mounted outside the cylinder ... * Integral system, in which the counterbalance valve is built directly into the main cylinder, eliminating the potential for damage by falling debris ...
Eiffel Tower - Tourism - Passenger Lifts - Ground To The Second Level
... was water, normally stored in three accumulators, complete with counterbalance weights ... Since the counterbalance weights provided much of the pressure required, the pump only had to provide the extra effort ... One of the three counterbalances was taken out of use, and the cars were replaced with a more modern and lighter structure ...

More definitions of "counterbalance":

  • (noun): A compensating equivalent.
    Synonyms: offset
  • (verb): Oppose with equal weight or force.
    Synonyms: oppose