What is counsel?


A counsel or a counselor gives advice, more particularly in legal matters.

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Some articles on counsel:

Strickland V. Washington
... a claim of ineffective assistance of counsel ... Under this test, a criminal defendant may not obtain relief unless he can show that counsel's performance fell below an objective standard of reasonableness, and that counsel's performance ...
Andy Vollmer
... Prior to April 2009, he had been Deputy General Counsel for the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and acting General Counsel ... He succeeded Meyer Eisenberg as Deputy General Counsel, who retired from the Commission in early January 2006 and former General Counsel Brian Cartwright who left the ...
Lord Day & Lord - Famous Alumni
... Loeb, the former General Counsel to The New York Times for twenty years ... James Goodale, the former General Counsel and Vice Chairman of The New York Times ... Schwartz-Leeper, Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Nielsen Media Research ...
Counsel - North America
... many large and midsize law firms have lawyers with the job title of "counsel", "special counsel" or "of counsel" ...
Mervyn Griffith-Jones - Post-war Legal Career
... He returned to the bar when he left the Army in October 1946 and became a specialist prosecuting counsel ... He was counsel for the Crown at the north London quarter sessions from 1946 to 1950, and then at the Central Criminal Court at the Old Bailey from 1950 to 1964 ... He became senior Treasury counsel in 1959, and became a founder member of the Criminal Law Revision Committee that year ...

More definitions of "counsel":

  • (verb): Give advice to.
    Synonyms: advise

Famous quotes containing the word counsel:

    When undertaking marriage, everyone must be the judge of his own thoughts, and take counsel from himself.
    François Rabelais (1494–1553)

    Pause awhile,
    And let my counsel sway you in this case.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    There is as much difference between the counsel that a friend giveth, and that a man giveth himself, as there is between the counsel of a friend and of a flatterer. For there is no such flatterer as is a man’s self.
    Francis Bacon (1561–1626)