What is convoy?

  • (verb): Escort in transit.
    Example: "The trucks convoyed the cars across the battle zone"; "the warships convoyed the merchant ships across the Pacific"
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A convoy is a group of vehicles, typically motor vehicles or ships, traveling together for mutual support and protection. Often, a convoy is organized with armed defensive support, though it may also be used in a non-military sense, for example when driving through remote areas.

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Some articles on convoy:

Operation Halberd
... The British were attempting to deliver a convoy from Gibraltar to Malta ... The convoy was escorted by several battleships and an aircraft carrier, to deter interference from the Italian surface fleet, while a close escort of cruisers ... The Italian fleet sortied after the convoy was detected, but turned back after learning the strength of the escorting force ...
USS Pleiades (AK-46) - A Very Dangerous Convoy Run
... Of those, convoys ON 67 in February and SC 107, which departed New York 24 October 1942, were the most hazardous ... five ships in each column, 9 column convoy SC 107 took departure from Canada for Iceland, and the United Kingdom ... Shortly before 2000, a wolfpack closed on the convoy, and, for almost 70 hours, struck at the columns, repeatedly scoring hits ...
HMS Whitshed (D77) - World War Two
... was reactivated and assigned to the 18th Destroyer Flotilla at Portland for convoy defence in the English Channel and South-West Approaches ... Whitshed sank U-55 in the South-West Approaches whilst escorting convoy OA30G ... Upon release from Op Dynamo she returned to Harwich and convoy defence, and anti-invasion patrols in the North Sea and English Channel ...
Nova Prime - In Japan - Council of Convoys
... The Council of Convoy is actually the Maximal Council of Elders the Maximal Equivalent of the Tripredacus Council during the Beast Wars era, specifically the Japanese-exclusive 1999 anime Beast Wars ... One of the Convoys is known as "Great" Convoy, another was known as "Crow" Convoy ... Great Convoy was apparently the Supreme Commander of the Council of Convoy, and in the Beast Wars II manga it is he who appoints Lio Convoy to go after the Predacons ...
Convoy, Ohio - Education
... Mustangs, Bluffton Pirates, Columbus Grove Bulldogs, Convoy Crestview Knights, Delphos Jefferson Wildcats, Lima Central Catholic T-Birds, Lincolnview Lancers ...

More definitions of "convoy":

  • (noun): A collection of merchant ships with an escort of warships.
  • (noun): A procession of land vehicles traveling together.
  • (noun): The act of escorting while in transit.

Famous quotes containing the word convoy:

    Pilgrim-manned, the Mayflower in a dream
    Has been her anxious convoy in to shore.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)