What is conjunct?

  • (adj): Bound in close association.
    Example: "Conjunct influences"; "conjunct ideas"
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In linguistics, the term conjunct has three distinct uses:

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Coordination (linguistics) - Unique Behavior - Extraction
... is the property of coordinate structures that prevents extraction of a single conjunct or from a single conjunct ... because extraction cannot affect just one conjunct of a coordinate structure ... If extraction occurs out of both conjuncts in a like fashion, however, the coordinate structure is acceptable ...
Dependent And Independent Verb Forms - Old Irish
... but related phenomena in Old Irish the contrast between absolute and conjunct verb endings, and the contrast between prototonic and deuterotonic forms ... no prefixes, called "simple verbs", have two sets of endings, absolute and conjunct ... The conjunct endings are used after a variety of grammatical particles, including among others the negative particle ní ("not"), the interrogative ...
Bengali Alphabet - Description of Bengali Glyphs - Consonant Conjuncts - Compressed Forms
... Some consonants are compressed (and often simplified) when appearing as the first member of a conjunct ... As the first member of a conjunct, the consonants ঙ ŋô চ cô ড ḍô ব bô and ৱ wô are often compressed and placed at the top-left of the following consonant, with little or no change to the basic ... As the first member of a conjunct, ত tô is compressed and placed above the following consonant, with little or no change to the basic shape ত্ন tnô ত্ম tmô ত্ব twô/tbô ...
Swampy Cree Language - Syntax - Conjunct Order
... Verbs in their conjunct form are the equivalent of English dependent clause ... One use of the conjunct form can be used to express purpose ... Kī-pēc'-ītohtēw nā kici-otāpēt (Did he come to haul {wood}?) Verbs in their conjunct form occasionally have other form of morphemes ...
The Semantic Functions of Conjuncts
... English conjuncts often have the following functions Listing (indicating that what follows is a list of propositions) To begin with, I have to tell you that I'm most displeased with your performance in the show ...

More definitions of "conjunct":

  • (adj): Progressing melodically by intervals of a second.
    Example: "Conjunct motion of an ascending scale"