What is configuration?

  • (noun): Any spatial attributes (especially as defined by outline).
    Synonyms: shape, form, contour, conformation
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Some articles on configuration, configurations:

Global Sign - SSL Configuration Checker
... guidance on how to remediate any faulty or exploitable SSL configurations ... defense against SSL BEAST, CRIME, and other common and damaging attacks that exploit faulty SSL configurations ... a simplified explanation of any issues found in the website's SSL configuration and actionable remediation steps ...
Motion Planning - Concepts - Configuration Space
... A configuration describes the pose of the robot, and the configuration space C is the set of all possible configurations ... translating in a 2-dimensional plane (the workspace), C is a plane, and a configuration can be represented using two parameters (x, y) ... = R2 SO(2) (where SO(2) is the special orthogonal group of 2D rotations), and a configuration can be represented using 3 parameters (x, y, θ) ...
Stabilizer (aircraft) - See Also - Specific Stabilizer/tail Configurations
... Tailplane T-tail V-tail Cruciform tail Twin tail Twin-boom tail Canard configuration Three-surface configuration Tailless configuration ...
Boilerplate (spaceflight) - Apollo Boilerplates - Specific Apollo BP Units - BP-1220/1228 Series
... Boilerplate configuration comparisons with Command Service Module 2TV-1 and 101 were performed by North American ... The NASA Review Board decided on February 5, 1967, that the boilerplate configuration had determined a reasonable "worst case" configuration, after more than 1,000 tests were performed ...
Motion Planning - Algorithms - Grid-Based Search
... Grid-based approaches overlay a grid on configuration space, and assume each configuration is identified with a grid point ... number of points on the grid grows exponentially in the configuration space dimension, which make them inappropriate for high-dimensional problems ... approaches often need to search repeatedly, for example, when the knowledge of the robot about the configuration space changes or the configuration space itself changes during path following ...

More definitions of "configuration":

  • (noun): An arrangement of parts or elements.
    Example: "The outcome depends on the configuration of influences at the time"
    Synonyms: constellation