What is configuration?

  • (noun): An arrangement of parts or elements.
    Example: "The outcome depends on the configuration of influences at the time"
    Synonyms: constellation
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Boilerplate (spaceflight) - Apollo Boilerplates - Specific Apollo BP Units - BP-1220/1228 Series
... Boilerplate configuration comparisons with Command Service Module 2TV-1 and 101 were performed by North American ... The NASA Review Board decided on February 5, 1967, that the boilerplate configuration had determined a reasonable "worst case" configuration, after ...
Global Sign - SSL Configuration Checker
... to remediate any faulty or exploitable SSL configurations ... and other common and damaging attacks that exploit faulty SSL configurations ... a simplified explanation of any issues found in the website's SSL configuration and actionable remediation steps ...
Motion Planning - Algorithms - Grid-Based Search
... Grid-based approaches overlay a grid on configuration space, and assume each configuration is identified with a grid point ... Furthermore, the number of points on the grid grows exponentially in the configuration space dimension, which make them inappropriate for high-dimensional ... repeatedly, for example, when the knowledge of the robot about the configuration space changes or the configuration space itself changes during path ...
Stabilizer (aircraft) - See Also - Specific Stabilizer/tail Configurations
... Tailplane T-tail V-tail Cruciform tail Twin tail Twin-boom tail Canard configuration Three-surface configuration Tailless configuration ...
Motion Planning - Concepts - Configuration Space
... A configuration describes the pose of the robot, and the configuration space C is the set of all possible configurations ... (the workspace), C is a plane, and a configuration can be represented using two parameters (x, y) ... SO(2) is the special orthogonal group of 2D rotations), and a configuration can be represented using 3 parameters (x, y, θ) ...

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