What is concordat?

  • (noun): A signed written agreement between two or more parties (nations) to perform some action.
    Synonyms: covenant, compact


A concordat is an agreement between the Holy See of the Catholic Church and a sovereign state on religious matters. Legally, it is an international treaty. Concordats often include both recognition and privileges for the Catholic Church in a particular country. Privileges might include exemptions from certain legal matters and processes, and issues such as taxation as well as the right of a state to influence the selection of bishops within its territory.

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Some articles on concordat:

Roman Catholic Archdiocese Of Toulouse - Jurisdiction
... As re-established by the Concordat of 1802, it included the departments of Haute-Garonne and Ariège, at which time, the archbishop joined to his own the title of Auch, jurisdiction over Auch being given to the Diocese ...
Concordat Of 1925 - Concordat and Lithuania
... The concordat caused a severe conflict between Holy See and Lithuania ... The concordat established an ecclesiastical province in Wilno, thereby acknowledging Poland's claims to the city despite Lithuanian requests to govern ... Popular outrage in response to the concordat was one of the reasons why the Lithuanian Christian Democrats, the leading pro-Catholic party in ...
Roman Catholic Diocese Of Metz - History
... With the Concordat of 1801 the diocese was re-established covering the departments of Moselle, Ardennes, and Forêts, and was put under the Archdiocese of ... the French government according to the concordat of 1801 ... The concordat further provides for the clergy being paid by the government and Roman Catholic pupils in public schools can receive religious instruction according to diocesan guide lines ...
Concordat Of 2009
... The Concordat of 2009 between the Holy See and the Land of Schleswig-Holstein is an agreement between the Catholic Church in its temporal form and the state of Schleswig-Hols ... The concordat is an agreement between the Holy See and the Land Schleswig-Holstein, which regulates relations between the Catholic Church and the Land ...
Concordat Of 1925 - Content
... Under the concordat, the Church enjoyed full protection of the State and prayed for the leaders of Poland during Sunday mass and on May 3 ... The concordat extended to the Latin Rite in five ecclesiastical provinces Gniezno and Poznań, Warsaw, Wilno, Lwów and Cracow ... The concordat stipulated that no part of Polish territory could be placed under the jurisdiction of a bishop outside of Poland or not of Polish citizenship ...