What is compact?

  • (noun): A small cosmetics case with a mirror; to be carried in a woman's purse.
    Synonyms: powder compact
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Stiefel Manifold
... In some contexts, a non-compact Stiefel manifold is defined as the set of all linearly independent k-frames in Rn, Cn, or Hn this is homotopy equivalent, as the compact Stiefel ... Statements about the non-compact form correspond to those for the compact form, replacing the orthogonal group (or unitary or symplectic group) with the general linear group ...
Energy Independence And Security Act Of 2007 - Opposition To The Bill - Compact Fluorescent Lamp
... Compact fluorescent lamps are an existing technology that currently exceed the EISA 2007 requirements for lumens per watt ... EPA recommendations state that compact fluorescent light bulbs should be recycled due to their mercury content ... The EPA provides recommendations for cleaning up broken compact fluorescent light bulbs, including opening windows for ventilation to clear mercury vapor from the room and shutting off forced-ai ...
Rio Grande Compact
... The Rio Grande Compact is an interstate compact signed in 1938 in the United States between the states of Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas, and approved by the United States Congress, to ...
.NET Compact Framework
... The Microsoft.NET Compact Framework (.NET CF) is a version of the.NET Framework that is designed to run on resource constrained mobile/embedded devices ... The.NET Compact Framework uses some of the same class libraries as the full.NET Framework and also a few libraries designed specifically for mobile devices such as.NET ...
Hemicompact Space - Properties
... Every first countable hemicompact space is locally compact ... space of all continuous functions to a metric space with the compact-open topology is metrizable ... To see this, take a sequence of compact subsets of such that every compact subset of lies inside some compact set in this sequence (the existence of such a sequence follows ...

More definitions of "compact":

  • (adj): Briefly giving the gist of something.
    Example: "A compact style is brief and pithy"
    Synonyms: compendious, succinct, summary
  • (adj): Closely crowded together.
    Example: "A compact shopping center"
    Synonyms: dense, thick
  • (adj): Closely and firmly united or packed together.
    Example: "Compact soil"; "compact clusters of flowers"
  • (noun): A small and economical car.
    Synonyms: compact car
  • (verb): Have the property of being packable or compactable or of compacting easily.
    Synonyms: pack
  • (noun): A signed written agreement between two or more parties (nations) to perform some action.
    Synonyms: covenant, concordat

Famous quotes containing the word compact:

    The worst enemy of truth and freedom in our society is the compact majority. Yes, the damned, compact, liberal majority.
    Henrik Ibsen (1828–1906)

    Take pains ... to write a neat round, plain hand, and you will find it a great convenience through life to write a small and compact hand as well as a fair and legible one.
    Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826)

    The Puritans, to keep the remembrance of their unity one with another, and of their peaceful compact with the Indians, named their forest settlement CONCORD.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)