What is colouration?

  • (noun): Appearance with regard to color.
    Synonyms: coloration
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Some articles on colouration:

Latrodectus Pallidus - Description
... Unlike most species of widow spider, which are dark in colouration the white widow spider is light-coloured, with colouration ranging from beige to white, though with darker legs ... Other than colouration, the white widow is similar in appearance to other spiders of the genus ...
Cuckoo Wrasse - Description
... The male and female have different colouration ... The male colouration changes during the breeding season ... The body colouration gradually changes to an orange head and body with a blue pattern that may is more pronounced at the head ...
Parachromis Managuensis - Pets
... This yellow colouration is then scattered with vivid black spots which are seen all along the flanks and gill plates ... The fins are often a dark to black colouration, especially when in spawning colouration ...
Alfred Russel Wallace - Theory of Evolution - Natural Selection and Darwin - Warning Colouration and Sexual Selection
... Warning colouration was one of a number of contributions Wallace made in the area of the evolution of animal colouration in general and the concept of protective colouration in particular ... and Other Essays, he wrote extensively on the colouration of animals and plants and proposed alternative explanations for a number of cases Darwin had attributed to sexual selection ...
Archeopterix - Paleobiology - Plumage - Colouration
... In 2011, graduate student Ryan Carney and colleagues performed the first colour study on an Archaeopteryx specimen ... Using scanning electron microscopy technology and energy-dispersive X-ray analysis, the team was able to detect the structure of melanosomes in the single-feather specimen described in 1861 ...

More definitions of "colouration":

  • (noun): Choice and use of colors (as by an artist).
    Synonyms: coloration