What is coda?

  • (noun): The closing section of a musical composition.
    Synonyms: finale


Coda can denote any concluding event, summation, or section.

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Coda (web Development Software)
... Coda is a commercial and proprietary web development application for Mac OS X, developed by Panic ... Coda version 2.0 was released on 24 May 2012, along with an iPad version called Diet Coda ...
Coda - Television
... "Coda" (Star Trek Voyager), a 1997 episode of the science fiction TV series. ...
Coda (web Development Software) - Sections - Plug-ins
... Coda 1.6 and later supports plug-ins, which are scripts usually written in command line programming languages like Cocoa, AppleScript, Perl, or even shell scripting languages like bash, that appear in Coda's ... either be written using Xcode or through Panic's free program, the Coda Plug-in Creator ...
Coda (web Development Software) - Sections - Editor
... The editor in Coda incorporates a licensed version of the SubEthaEdit engine, rather than having a custom one, to allow for sharing of documents over the Bonjour network ... Coda also has a new Find/Replace mechanism, which allows users to do complex replaces using a method similar to regular expressions ... Coda also recognises specially-formatted comment tags in many syntaxes, called bookmarks, which appear in a separate pane beside the editor called the Code Navigator ...
Standard Chinese Phonology - Syllables
... w ɥ/ V is a vowel (or diphthong) the second C is a coda, /n ŋ ɻ / (if diphthongs like ou, ai are analyzed as V) or /n ŋ ɻ j w/ (if not) and T is the tone ... Not counting tone distinctions or the rhotic coda, there are some 35 finals in Standard Chinese ... Gwoyeu Romatzyh Tables of all syllables (excluding tone and rhotic coda) are at Pinyin table Zhuyin table ...