What is central tendency?

Central Tendency

In statistics, the term central tendency relates to the way in which quantitative data tend to cluster around some value. A measure of central tendency is any of a number of ways of specifying this "central value". In practical statistical analysis, the terms are often used before one has chosen even a preliminary form of analysis: thus an initial objective might be to "choose an appropriate measure of central tendency".

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Some articles on central tendency:

Numerical Data - Ordinal Scale - Central Tendency
... middle-ranked, item is allowed as the measure of central tendency however, the mean (or average) as the measure of central tendency is not allowed ...
... It is thus a measure of central tendency ... descriptive statistics can be chosen as a measure of the central tendency of the data items ... statistic is the arithmetic mean, but depending on the nature of the data other types of central tendency may be more appropriate ...
Methods of Collecting Performance Appraisal Data - Judgmental Evaluation
... The most common types of error are leniency errors, central tendency errors, and errors resulting from the halo effect ... typically achieved by reducing the frequency of halo, leniency, and central-tendency errors” ... This method eliminates central tendency and leniency errors but still allows for halo effect errors to occur ...
Avrage - Solutions To Variational Problems
... Several measures of central tendency can be characterized as solving a variational problem, in the sense of the calculus of variations, namely minimizing variation from the center ... given a measure of statistical dispersion, one asks for a measure of central tendency that minimizes variation such that variation from the center is minimal among all ... sense of Lp spaces, the correspondence is Lp dispersion central tendency L1 average absolute deviation median L2 standard deviation mean L∞ maximum deviation midrange Thus standard deviation about the mean is ...

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