What is cell growth?

Cell Growth

The term cell growth is used in the contexts of cell development and cell division (reproduction). When used in the context of cell division, it refers to growth of cell populations, where one cell (the "mother cell") grows and divides to produce two "daughter cells" (M phase). When used in the context of cell development, the term refers to increase in cytoplasmic and organelle volume (G1 phase), as well as increase in genetic material before replication (G2 phase).

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Carcinogenesis - Mechanisms
... Cancer is a genetic disease In order for cells to start dividing uncontrollably, genes that regulate cell growth must be damaged ... Proto-oncogenes are genes that promote cell growth and mitosis, whereas tumor suppressor genes discourage cell growth, or temporarily halt cell division to carry out DNA repair ... Typically, a series of several mutations to these genes is required before a normal cell transforms into a cancer cell ...
PKN3 (gene)
... molecule and thought to be an effector mediating malignant cell growth downstream of activated phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PI3K). 3-kinase (PI3K)/PTEN signal transduction pathway contributes to metastatic cell growth and that PKN3 may mediate that growth.1 PKN3 is required for invasive prostate ...
Cell Growth Measurement Methods
... The cell growth can be detected by a variety of methods ... The cell size growth can be visualized by microscopy, using suitable stains ... But the increase of cells number is usually more significant ...
GTPase-activating Protein - Disease Associations and Clinical Relevance
... Many of these G proteins are involved in cell cycling, and as such are known proto-oncogenes ... cancers because Ras is a common downstream target of many growth factors like FGF, or fibroblast growth factor ... Under normal conditions, this signaling ultimately induces regulated cell growth and proliferation ...
Secreted Frizzled-related Protein 1 - Function - Tumor Suppression
... tumor suppressor genes Genes that affect cell growth Genes that limit the cell cycle and induce apoptosis Genes that repair damaged DNA SFRP1 appears to fall in the first ... showed that SFRP1 expression in UMRC3 cells (clear cell renal cell carcinoma cell line) resulted in a growth-inhibited phenotype ... only reduced the expression of Wnt target genes, but also markedly inhibited tumor cell growth in culture, soft agar and xenografts in athymic nude mice ...

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