What is carrying out?

  • (noun): The act of accomplishing some aim or executing some order.
    Synonyms: execution, implementation
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List Of Prussian Locomotives And Railbuses - Locomotive Classification - Classification System For Technical and Engineering Purposes
... - Laufdrehgestell = carrying bogie dr ... meant a four-coupled, four axled, superheated express train locomotive with carrying bogie ... like 'with trailing axle' ("mit hinterer Laufachse") it was possible to distinguish whether a carrying wheelset was in front of or behind the coupled wheels ...
2009 Mediterranean Sea Migrant Shipwreck
... Sea migrant shipwreck is the loss of at least one boat carrying migrants from Libya to Italy ... The boat is believed to have been carrying 250 migrants from Egypt, Tunisia, Palestine and Nigeria and capsized on 27 March ... Two other boats are still missing between Libya and Italy, carrying around 250 people between them ...
Limited Partnerships In England And Wales - Limit On The Number of Partners
... a number of exceptions to this rule, including a partnership carrying on practice as solicitors and consisting of persons each of whom is a solicitor a partnership carrying on ...
Carrying Wheels
... The carrying wheels on a steam locomotive are those wheels that are not driven, i.e ... They are also described as running wheels and their axle may be called a carrying axle ... Carrying wheels are referred to as leading wheels if they are at the front, or trailing wheels if they are at the rear of the locomotive ...
Lady Justice - Depiction
... more direct connection is to Themis' daughter Dike, who was portrayed carrying scales "If some god had been holding level the balance of Dike" is a ... Since Roman times, Iustitia has frequently been depicted carrying scales and a sword, and wearing a blindfold ... Fortuna (fate) with Hellenistic Greek Tyche (luck), and sword-carrying Nemesis (vengeance) ...

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Famous quotes containing the words carrying out and/or carrying:

    I am carrying out my plan, so long formulated, of keeping a journal. What I most keenly wish is not to forget that I am writing for myself alone. Thus I shall always tell the truth, I hope, and thus I shall improve myself. These pages will reproach me for my changes of mind.
    Eugène Delacroix (1798–1863)

    Dandyism is the last flicker of heroism in decadent ages.... Dandyism is a setting sun; like the declining star, it is magnificent, without heat and full of melancholy. But alas! the rising tide of democracy, which spreads everywhere and reduces everything to the same level, is daily carrying away these last champions of human pride, and submerging, in the waters of oblivion, the last traces of these remarkable myrmidons.
    Charles Baudelaire (1821–1867)

    Hang ideas! They are tramps, vagabonds, knocking at the back- door of your mind, each taking a little of your substance, each carrying away some crumb of that belief in a few simple notions you must cling to if you want to live decently and would like to die easy!
    Joseph Conrad (1857–1924)