What is capitulum?

  • (noun): A dense clusters of flowers or foliage.
    Synonyms: head
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The term capitulum can refer to several things:

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None (liturgy) - None in The Roman and Other Liturgies From The Seventh Century
... Sundays and Mondays when they are replaced by three groups of eight verses from Psalm 118 then the capitulum, a versicle, the Kyrie, the The Lord's Prayer, the oratio, and the concluding ... Caesarius, six psalms are recited at None, as at Terce and Sext, with antiphon, hymn and capitulum ... most of these authors include hymns, the capitulum or short lesson, a versicle, and an oratio ...
Head Of Radius - Articular Surfaces - Humeroradial Joint
... to the spherical surface of the capitulum of the humerus ... The radius can thus glide on the capitulum during elbow flexion-extension while simultaneously rotate about its own main axis during supination-pronation ... Between the capitulum and the trochlea of the humerus is the capitulotrochlear groove ...
... The term capitulum can refer to several things In botany a type of flower head where the bracts are located under the basis, such as a daisy's the top of a Sphagnum ...
... Gerbera species bear a large capitulum with striking, two-lipped ray florets in yellow, orange, white, pink or red colours ... The capitulum, which has the appearance of a single flower, is actually composed of hundreds of individual flowers ... of the flowers varies depending on their position in the capitulum ...
Capitulum Of The Humerus
... of a smooth, rounded eminence, named the capitulum of the humerus ... the name capitellum is generally used, with "capitulum" limited to the anteroventral articular facet of the rib (in archosauromorphs) ...

More definitions of "capitulum":

  • (noun): The upper branches and leaves of a tree.
    Synonyms: crown, treetop
  • (noun): Fruiting spike of a cereal plant especially corn.
    Synonyms: ear, spike