What is calculate?

  • (verb): Have faith or confidence in.
    Synonyms: count, bet, depend, look, reckon
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Laguerre's Method - Definition
... to the following method Choose an initial guess For k = 0, 1, 2, … Calculate Calculate Calculate, where the sign is chosen to give the denominator with the larger absolute value ...
Atmospheric Radiative Transfer Codes - Methods
... The radiative transfer equation is a monochromatic equation to calculate radiance in a single layer of the Earth's atmosphere ... To calculate the radiance for a spectral region with a finite width (e.g ... the frequencies of interest, and for each frequency, calculate the radiance at this frequency ...
Components Of Jet Engines - Design Procedure
... Assume value of CD and calculate actual flow area required and on Area ratio calculate the exit area of nozzle ... velocity coefficient Using gas table using Critical Area ratio calculate Mach no and Pressure ratio Calculate ideal exit velocity Calculate actual exit velocity Calculate velocity coefficient ...
Hierarchical RBF - Other Similar Methods
... Reduce interpolation centres ( for calculate RBF and solve system, for determine surface) Compactly supported RBF ( for calculate RBF, for solve system, for ...
... parts the meteorological pre-processor WINDS (Wind-field Interpolation by Non Divergent Schemes) to calculate wind fields, the meteorological pre-processor ABLE (Acquisition of Boundary Layer parameters) to ...

More definitions of "calculate":

  • (verb): Predict in advance.
    Synonyms: forecast
  • (verb): Keep an account of.
    Synonyms: account
  • (verb): Specifically design a product, event, or activity for a certain public.
    Synonyms: aim, direct

Famous quotes containing the word calculate:

    However others calculate the cost,
    To us the final aggregate is one,
    One with a name, one transferred to the blest;
    And though another stoops and takes the gun,
    We cannot add the second to the first.
    Karl Shapiro (b. 1913)