What is bring forth?

  • (verb): Bring into existence.
    Synonyms: generate
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More definitions of "bring forth":

  • (verb): Bring out for display.
    Synonyms: produce
  • (verb): Bring forth or yield.
    Synonyms: produce

Famous quotes containing the word bring:

    The true use of Shakespeare or of Cervantes, of Homer or of Dante, of Chaucer or of Rabelais, is to augment one’s own growing inner self.... The mind’s dialogue with itself is not primarily a social reality. All that the Western Canon can bring one is the proper use of one’s own solitude, that solitude whose final form is one’s confrontation with one’s own mortality.
    Harold Bloom (b. 1930)

    There’s only one reality, Rachel, and that is death. I bring you death. A living death. Are you afraid?... I bring you the darkness of centuries past and centuries to come. Eternal life and eternal death. Now do you fear?
    —Pat Fielder. Paul Landres. Dracula (Francis Lederer)