What is bounder?

  • (noun): An athlete who bounds or leaps (as in basketball).
    Synonyms: leaper, jumper
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The Homeward Bounders - Plot Summary
... Upon his discovering Them, They are forced to make Jamie a Homeward Bounder this means he must constantly travel from world to world until he finds his home again ... Homeward Bounders cannot die, and must not interfere with Play ... No-one is allowed to interfere directly with the Homeward Bounders for example, if someone were to attempt to hurt or steal from Jamie, that person would die mysteriously ...
List Of Animals Of Farthing Wood Characters - Residents of White Deer Park
... Fox Yes Yes (as a blue fox) Male 2* Lady Blue (TV) Unnamed (books) Ranger, Bounder and Multiple Unnamed (TV) Ranger, Blaze and Multiple Unnamed (books) A Hero's ... she is not in season 3 Fox Yes (unnamed) Yes Female 2 Scarface Ranger, Bounder and Multiple Unnamed (TV) Ranger, Blaze and Multiple Unnamed (books) A Hero's Welcome (2x01 ... unnamed cubs A Joke Backfires (2x05) Bully, Bully, Bully (3x13) Bounder Another of Scarface and Lady Blue's cubs ...
... Bounder may refer to Bounder (character), a dishonorable man Bounder (video game), a computer game Myasishchev M-50, an aircraft The Bounder, a ...
Tin Bounds
... Tin bounds were created by the miner (or 'bounder') pitching stones or turves at the four corners of the land he intended to work ... The bounder was required to declare his bounds to the Stannary Court and to renew them annually by re-pitching the stones or turves ... During the early history of mining, the bounder was also required to actually work the land for tin in order for the bounds to remain valid, although this ...
The Scarlet Pimpernel (musical) - Characters
... to Chauvelin) Coupeau (aide to Chauvelin) Jessup (Butler to Percy) Ozzy* (Bounder) Dewhurst* (Bounder) Elton* (Bounder) Farleigh* (Bounder) Hal* (Bounder) Ben* (Bounder) Prince of Wales ...

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