What is body politic?

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Richard II (play) - Analysis and Criticism - Themes and Motifs - The King's Two Bodies
... Two Bodies, Ernst Kantorowicz describes medieval Kings as containing two bodies a body natural, and a body politic ... The body natural is a mortal body, subject to all the weaknesses of mortal human beings ... On the other hand, the body politic is a spiritual body which cannot be affected by mortal infirmities such as disease and old age ...
Fettes College - Fettes in Fiction - Body Politic
... In his first crime novel Body Politic, published in 1997, featuring detective Qunitilian Dalrymple and set in Edinburgh in 2020, Paul Johnston features ...

Famous quotes containing the words politic and/or body:

    I have trod a measure, I have flattered a lady, I have
    been politic with my friend, smooth with mine enemy.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    By practice and conviction formed,
    With ancient stubbornness ingrained,
    Although her body clung and swarmed,
    My own identity remained.
    Yvor Winters (1900–1968)