What is blockade?

  • (noun): A war measure that isolates some area of importance to the enemy.
    Synonyms: encirclement
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A blockade is an effort to cut off food, supplies, war material or communications from a particular area by force, either in part or totally. A blockade should not be confused with an embargo or sanctions, which are legal barriers to trade, and is distinct from a siege in that a blockade is usually directed at an entire country or region, rather than a fortress or city. Most blockades historically took place at sea, with the blockading power seeking to cut off all maritime transport from and to the blockaded country; although stopping all land transport to and from an area may also be considered a blockade. In the 20th century air power has also been used to enhance the effectiveness of the blockade by halting all air traffic within the blockaded air space.

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Some articles on blockade:

CSS Lark
... She was the last blockade runner to successfully escape from a Southern port before the Union blockade completely closed off this vital source of supplies ... The ship made four successful round trips through the blockade between Galveston, Texas, and Havana, Cuba ... May 24, she dashed into Galveston again and managed to slip through the blockade back out to open sea, the last Confederate blockade runner to do so ...
Blockade Of Gaza
... Blockade of Gaza may refer to Blockade of the Gaza Strip 2006–2007 economic sanctions against the Palestinian National Authority, including blockade ...
Anse De Sablettes - Course
... Along with continuing the blockade with his 13 ships of the line and two 50-gun ships, Boscawen placed his 12 cruisers at strategic points and on convoy escort duty ... force could not be solely meant for a blockade and must mean a landing was imminent - aware of this by captured letters, Boscawen encouraged this impression by ... On 7 June, two French frigates attempting to breach the blockade from outside were forced to anchor in the Anse de Sablettes ...
Surugatoxin - Behavioral & Physiological Effects - Humans
... outbreak, seem to be mediated by ganglion-blockade of nicotinic ACh receptors at various sites visual impairments and mydriasis due to ciliary ganglion blockade, dry mouth due to ...
Blockade Running
... Blockade running is the practice of delivering cargo (food, for example) to a blockaded area ... It has mainly been done by ships (called blockade runners) across ports under naval blockade ... Blockade runners were typically the fastest ships available and often lightly armed and armored ...

More definitions of "blockade":

  • (verb): Obstruct access to.
    Synonyms: block off
  • (verb): Impose a blockade on.
    Synonyms: seal off
  • (noun): Prevents access or progress.