What is bike?

  • (noun): A wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals.
    Synonyms: bicycle, wheel, cycle
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Bicycle And Motorcycle Dynamics - Lateral Dynamics - Balance - Trail
... that influences how easy or difficult a bike will be to ride is trail, the distance that the front wheel ground contact point trails behind the steering axis ground contact point ... In traditional bike designs, with a steering axis tilted back from the vertical, positive trail tends to steer the front wheel into the direction of a lean, independent of forward speed ... This can be simulated by pushing a stationary bike to one side ...
Manx TT Superbike
... Many arcade motorcycle games incorporated a bike-like machine that tilted so the player could maneuver the on-screen bike in a somewhat realistic fashion ... in that it had steps on the side of the bike, allowing the player to keep their feet on the machine and use their body weight to control the on-screen bike much like ... featured a famous cheat code which had you ride the course on a sheep instead of a bike against a grid of unmanned other sheep ...
Parks In Windsor, Ontario - Bike Trails - Further Information
... Council has repeatedly expressed its full intentions on completing the bike trail/bike lane network, linking all separate parts, and has started doing so by marking bike lanes on ... One plan is to add Bike Lanes to Wyandotte Street until a bike trail can be constructed ... Many of the trails are currently interconnected by low-traffic "Bike Friendly Routes", which are just quiet residential streets near bike trails and parks, and Bike Lanes ...
Parks In Windsor, Ontario - Bike Trails - Introduction
... Spring Garden ANSI (Area of Natural Scientific Interest) via signed bike routes, more shared-usage trails and dedicated bike lanes, starting along ... Wyandotte Street is not listed as an official Bike Route, but has many signs along it from the Ambassador Bridge to its terminus with Riverdale Street in the Villages of ... This is supposedly to help City Council eventually lay bike lanes down to connect Ganatchio Trail to Riverwalk trail, and as a reminder for motorists, since Wyandotte ...
Parks In Windsor, Ontario
... cover within the City of Windsor, as well as the Bike Trails, Bike Lanes, and Bike-Friendly Streets ...

More definitions of "bike":

  • (noun): A motor vehicle with two wheels and a strong frame.
    Synonyms: motorcycle