What is biff?

  • (verb): Strike, usually with the fist.
    Synonyms: pummel, pommel
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BIFF, later sometimes B1FF, was a pseudonym on, and the prototypical newbie of, Usenet. BIFF was created as and taken up as a satire of a partly amusing, partly annoying, mostly unwelcome intrusion into a then fairly rarefied community. BIFF had a Commodore Vic-20 at first and a Commodore 64 later. BIFF posts were limited to 40 character lines to look like they'd come from those machines.

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Biff (disambiguation) - Other Uses
... Elysian Fields, Texas, once known as Biff Springs The Bristol F.2 Fighter of World War I Biff (cartoon), British cartoonists Slang for Joint (cannabis) Biff or Biffo is ...
Biff Brewster
... Biff Brewster is the central character in a series of 13 adventure and mystery novels for adolescent boys written by Andy Adams ... The series follows Bruce "Biff" Brewster, a well-built, athletic sixteen-year-old who pursues adventure and mystery abroad with his father, Thomas Brewster, a former lieutenant in the ...
Biff, The Michigan Wolverine
... Biff, the Wolverine was a live wolverine who served as a team mascot at University of Michigan Wolverines football games and was later kept in a small zoo at the ... the University of Michigan used a mounted and stuffed wolverine, also named "Biff", as the team mascot ... The stuffed wolverine was named “Biff” and was featured on the cover of a 1925 game program, along with team captain Robert J ...
Lego Battles - Plot - The Astronauts' Story
... Astronauts Gemma and Biff head towards an unknown planet ... Biff turns on some rock music for the ride, but Gemma switches it to opera, Biff switches it back again and the two fight over the radio ... Biff accidentally hits the button that sends the fuel canister hurtling off into space ...
Biff (cartoon)
... Biff are British cartoonists, perhaps best known for cartoon strips appearing in The Guardian from 1985 onwards (Biff Weekend ran weekly for 20 years) ... Also featured on many postcards, Biff cartoons have appeared in books, Viz and, since 2001, the magazine of the Rough Guides ...

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