What is bid?

  • (verb): Ask for or request earnestly.
    Example: "The prophet bid all people to become good persons"
    Synonyms: beseech, entreat, adjure, press, conjure
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More definitions of "bid":

  • (noun): (bridge) the number of tricks a bridge player is willing to contract to make.
    Synonyms: bidding
  • (verb): Make a demand, as for a card or a suit or a show of hands.
    Synonyms: call
  • (noun): An attempt to get something.
    Example: "He made a bid to gain attention"
    Synonyms: play
  • (verb): Ask someone in a friendly way to do something.
    Synonyms: invite
  • (verb): Make a serious effort to attain something.
    Example: "His campaign bid for the attention of the poor population"
  • (verb): Invoke upon.
    Example: "Bid farewell"
    Synonyms: wish
  • (noun): A formal proposal to buy at a specified price.
    Synonyms: tender

Famous quotes containing the word bid:

    Love, my fate got luckily,
    Teaches with no telling
    That the phoenix’ bid for heaven and the desire after
    Death in the carved nunnery
    Both shall fail if I bow not to your blessing....
    Dylan Thomas (1914–1953)

    He must be taught, and trained, and bid go forth:
    A barren-spirited fellow; one that feeds
    On objects, arts, and imitations,
    Which, out of use and staled by other men,
    Begin his fashion.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    Or bid the soul of Orpheus sing
    Such notes as, warbled to the string,
    Drew iron tears down Pluto’s cheek,
    And made Hell grant what love did seek;
    John Milton (1608–1674)