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Betty is a common diminutive for the names Elizabeth and Bethany.

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Betty In Blunderland
... Betty in Blunderland is a 1934 Fleischer Studios animated short film starring Betty Boop ...
Betty Boop, M.D.
... Betty Boop, M.D ... is a 1932 Fleischer Studio animated short film starring Betty Boop, and featuring Koko the Clown and Bimbo ... short is certainly one of the more surreal entries in the Betty Boop filmography ...
The Old Man Of The Mountain (film) - Controversy
... to complain to exhibitors who then pressured Paramount Studios (distributor of the Betty Boop series) to tone down the Betty Boop character, which subsequently pressured ... This can be seen when an old man sees Betty and acts crazy, a fish starts to follow her before getting hit by his wife, and Betty's dress even is removed in one scene ... entertainers and their music after limiting the 'Betty Boop' series' sexual references, Fleischer thus acknowledged the widely assumed connection between ...
George Anderson (Peyton Place) - Character History
... George is married to Julie Anderson and the father of Betty Anderson ... Betty suffers a miscarriage, but George persuades his daughter to lie about it ... Leslie disapproved of Betty as his daughter-in-law ...
Betty - Fictional Characters
... Betty (Naked Brothers Band), a character from the TV series, The Naked Brothers Band Atomic Betty or 'Betty Barrett', Cartoon Network-Teletoon's first child superhero Betty Blue, the main character of ...

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    He could jazz up the map-reading class by having a full-size color photograph of Betty Grable in a bathing suit, with a co- ordinate grid system laid over it. The instructor could point to different parts of her and say, “Give me the co-ordinates.”... The Major could see every unit in the Army using his idea.... Hot dog!
    Norman Mailer (b. 1923)