What is become?

  • (verb): Enter or assume a certain state or condition.
    Synonyms: go, get
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Stereotype (UML) - UML-defined Stereotypes - Become
... In UML, become is a keyword for a specific UML stereotype, and applies to a dependency (modeled as a dashed arrow) ... Become shows that the source modeling element (the arrow's tail) is transformed into the target modeling element (the arrow's head), while keeping some sort of identity, even though it may have changed ... While UML 2.1 uses the «become» stereotype within the specification, it does not define it ...

More definitions of "become":

  • (verb): Enhance the appearance of.
    Synonyms: suit
  • (verb): Come into existence.
    Example: "What becomes has duration"
  • (verb): Undergo a change or development.
    Synonyms: turn