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Sick AG
... Sick AG is a company based in Waldkirch, Germany ... Five LIDARs produced by the Sick AG were used for short range detection on Stanley, the autonomous car that won the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge and can be seen on the roof of the vehicle ... SICK/IBEO LIDARs were also used for obstacle avoidance, mapping and pedestrian tracking on WAMbot, the autonomous vehicle that came 4th in the MAGIC 2010 competition ...
Sick (Loaded Album) - Release and Reception
... Exclaim! (negative) The Sun Ultimate Guitar Archive (7.7/10) Sick was released in Europe on March 20 and in the United States on April 7, 2009 ... Sick was met with generally positive critical reviews ... between the two while stating the songs "Sick" and "Sleaze Factory" "blend Los Angeles glitz, Sunset glam and grunge, Seattle-inspired guitars" and "are ...
Sick Of Life
... "Sick of Life" is a song by the Heavy Metal band Godsmack ... "Sick of Life" was written during Godsmack's tour supporting their self-titled album ...
Scapular Of Help Of The Sick
... The Scapular of Help of the Sick is a Roman Catholic devotional scapular ... Blessed Virgin Mary which is specially venerated under the title of Help of the Sick ... under the invocation of the Virgin Mary for the poor sick ...
Skagboys - Plot Summary
... I Did What I Did - Narrated by Sick Boy ... his mother and sisters and the family home in the Banana flats, Simon ‘Sick Boy’ Williamson spies Maria, nubile daughter of his old neighbours Coke and Janey, and is completely smitten ... He heads home, meeting Sick Boy ...

Famous quotes containing the word sick:

    I’m so sick of Nancy Drew I could vomit.
    Mildred Augustus Wirt Benson (b. c. 1906)

    It is not only a question of who is responsible for very young children. There is no longer anyone home to care for adolescents and the elderly. There is no one around to take in the car for repair or to let the plumber in. Working families are faced with daily dilemmas: Who will take care of a sick child? Who will go to the big soccer game? Who will attend the teacher conference?
    Fran Sussner Rodgers (20th century)