What is Basuto?

  • (noun): The dialect of Sotho spoken by the Basotho; an official language of Lesotho.
    Synonyms: Sesotho

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List Of Victoria Cross Recipients By Campaign - Recipients
000.3— Brown, PeterPeter Brown Cape Mounted Riflemen Basuto War 1879-04-088 April 1879 Morosi's Mountain, South Africa Scott, RobertRobert Scott Cape Mounted Riflemen Basuto ...
Basuto Pony - History
... The Cape Horse and the Basuto probably were originally the same horse with continual infusions of Thoroughbred and Arabian blood the Cape Horse became a larger, better-quality ... with local ponies, the Cape Horse lost much of its height and nobility, and the Basuto pony largely replaced it ... Due to the rocky and hilly terrain the Basuto ponies were continually ridden over (often at great speeds), they developed into tough, surefooted animals with great stamina and courage ...