What is bang?

  • (verb): Move noisily.
    Example: "The window banged shut"; "The old man banged around the house"
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Bang Len District - History
... The district was created in 1896 under the name Bang Phai Nat (บางไผ่นารถ) ... The district office was located in Ban Bang Phai Nat, Tambon Bang Sai Pa, on the east bank of the Tha Chin river ... Later the government moved the central district to Tambon Bang Pla on the west bank of the Tha Chin ...
Tanit Jitnukul - Biography
... battle epics, directing a string of them Bang Rajan, Legend of the Warlord and Sema Warrior of Ayutthaya ... honors at the Thailand National Film Awards for Bang Rajan ... Bang Rajan was later "presented" by Oliver Stone in a theatrical release in the United States ...
Bang Krathum, Bang Krathum
... Bang Krathum (Thai บางกระทุ่ม) is a subdistrict (tambon) in the Bang Krathum district of Phitsanulok Province, Thailand ...
Bang Len District - Administration
... There are four townships (thesaban tambon) - Bang Len, Bang Luang, Rang Krathum and Lam Phaya ... Bang Len บางเลน 12 2 ... Bang Pla บางปลา 13 3 ...
Bang - Other Uses
... Bangs (hair), hair in front of the forehead Bang (Korean), a room or building !Bang!, a professional wrestling promotion Bang's disease BANG file, a point access method Bang path, a type of e-mail address ...

More definitions of "bang":

  • (verb): Strike violently.
    Synonyms: slam
  • (noun): A fringe of banged hair (cut short squarely across the forehead).
  • (verb): To produce a sharp often metallic explosive or percussive sound.
    Example: "One of them banged the sash of the window nearest my bed"
  • (noun): The swift release of a store of affective force.
    Example: "They got a great bang out of it"
    Synonyms: boot, charge, rush, flush, thrill, kick
  • (verb): Close violently.
    Synonyms: slam
  • (noun): A vigorous blow.
    Example: "He got a bang on the head"
    Synonyms: knock, bash, smash, belt
  • (noun): A conspicuous success.
    Example: "The party went with a bang"
    Synonyms: hit, smash, smasher, strike
  • (verb): Leap, jerk, bang.
    Synonyms: spang

Famous quotes containing the word bang:

    Don different from those regal Dons!
    With hearts of gold and lungs of bronze,
    Who shout and bang and roar and brawl
    The Absolute across the hall,
    Hilaire Belloc (1870–1953)

    This is the way the world ends
    This is the way the world ends
    This is the way the world ends
    Not with a bang but a whimper.
    —T.S. (Thomas Stearns)