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Allegiance (Australian Band) - History - Pre-1994
... This line-up remained the same until the band's demise ... The band's first award came at the West Australian Music Industry Awards where the band won the public choice award for 'Most Popular New Band' ... The next month Allegiance won one the 'Most Popular' band award at the local WA music industry awards ...
Delorentos - Awards
... in the UK and Ireland at the National Student Music Awards on 31 March 2005 ... The band were nominated for four Meteor Music Awards – "Hope for 2006" in 2005, "Best New Band" in 2006, as well as "Best Irish Band" and "Best Irish Album" in 2008 ... They lost out on the 2008 Best Irish Band award to veteran rockers Aslan ...
Early Amateur Radioteletype History
... Operation on 80 meters, 40 meters and the other High Frequency (HF) amateur radio bands was initially accomplished using make and break keying since frequency shift keying (FSK) was not yet authorized ... The amended Regulations permitted FSK in the non-voice parts of the 80, 40 and 20 meter bands and also specified the use of single channel 60 words-per-minute five unit code ... that narrow shift worked best on the HF bands ...
Sodagreen - History
... Sodagreen was named by Shih, then the band's leader, and Wu, the lead vocalist ... The band was originally named Soda (蘇打), but Shih felt that the band needed a name with three Chinese characters ... colour was green, suggested adding the word green (綠) behind the name, thus the band's name ...

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    The award of a pure gold medal for poetry would flatter the recipient unduly: no poem ever attains such carat purity.
    Robert Graves (1895–1985)

    What passes for identity in America is a series of myths about one’s heroic ancestors. It’s astounding to me, for example, that so many people really seem to believe that the country was founded by a band of heroes who wanted to be free. That happens not to be true. What happened was that some people left Europe because they couldn’t stay there any longer and had to go someplace else to make it. They were hungry, they were poor, they were convicts.
    James Baldwin (1924–1987)