What is authority?

  • (noun): An authoritative written work.
    Example: "This book is the final authority on the life of Milton"
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Authority (from the Latin auctoritas) is a right conferred by recognized social position. Authority often refers to power vested in an individual or organization by the state. Authority can also refer to recognized expertise in an area of academic knowledge. An Authority (capitalized) refers to a governing body upon which certain authority (with lower case a) is vested.

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Some articles on authority:

Root Certificate
... certificate that identifies the Root Certificate Authority (CA) ... on the ITU-T X.509 standard, which normally includes a digital signature from a certificate authority (CA) ... for the digital certificate is the Root Certificate Authority (CA) ...
Facilitator - Authority
... The concept of authority (of the facilitator) is one which can cause confusion ... initially in the educational context) as being Tutelary Authority - based on the competences and skills of the Tutor/Facilitator Political Authority ... particularly in the planning dimension.) Charismatic Authority - influence by presence, style and manner ...
Teacher - Obligation To Honor Students Rights
... Sudbury model democratic schools claim that popularly based authority can maintain order more effectively than dictatorial authority for governments and ... other schools today, where rules are arbitrary, authority is absolute, punishment is capricious, and due process of law is unknown ...
Governor Of Indiana - Office - Authority
... Constitutionally, the governor has very limited executive authority to manage the government of the state most exercisable powers over state agencies are held by independent ... to constitutional powers, governors also have a considerable degree of statutory authority ... Most of the authority exercised by governors on a daily basis is derived from statute, giving the General Assembly a great degree of power to expand or contract the governor's authority ...
Jackie Lawrence (politician) - Early Life
... Savings Bank and became a member of Dyfed County Council Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority and Pembrokeshire Police authority ... and leader of the Labour Group on Pembrokeshire County Council on its formation as a Unitary Authority before being adopted as Parliamentary candidate for the Preseli Pembrokeshire ...

More definitions of "authority":

  • (noun): (usually plural) persons who exercise (administrative) control over others.
    Example: "The authorities have issued a curfew"
  • (noun): An expert whose views are taken as definitive.
    Example: "He is an authority on corporate law"

Famous quotes containing the word authority:

    ... each of them is inhabited by a bland demon, as the German metaphysicians used to call that which gets into a man and makes him creative, not so forcibly that it turns them away from criticism, but valid enough to give them the right to speak with the authority of artists.
    Rebecca West (1892–1983)

    Death is the sanction of everything the story-teller can tell. He has borrowed his authority from death.
    Walter Benjamin (1892–1940)

    In colonial America, the father was the primary parent. . . . Over the past two hundred years, each generation of fathers has had less authority than the last. . . . Masculinity ceased to be defined in terms of domestic involvement, skills at fathering and husbanding, but began to be defined in terms of making money. Men had to leave home to work. They stopped doing all the things they used to do.
    Frank Pittman (20th century)