What is anaerobic?

  • (adj): Not aerobic.
    Example: "Isometric exercises are anaerobic"
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Eukaryota - Origin of Eukaryotes - Hypotheses For The Origin of Eukaryotes - Chimeric Models
... serial endosymbiotic theory, a union between a motile anaerobic bacterium (like Spirochaeta) and a thermoacidophilic crenarchaeon (like Thermoplasma which is sulfidogenic in nature) gave ... In the hydrogen hypothesis, the symbiotic linkage of an anaerobic and autotrophic methanogenic archaeon (host) with an alpha-proteobacterium (the symbiont) gave rise to the eukaryotes ... expelled H2 and CO2 as byproducts of anaerobic fermentation process ...
Serpentinite - Formation and Petrology - Hydrogen Production By Anaerobic Oxidation of Fayalite Ferrous Ions
... hydrogen (H2) is produced by the anaerobic oxidation of ferrous ions (Fe2+) present in the crystal lattice of the iron-endmember fayalite by the protons (H+) of water ... it is possible to write the complete reaction of anaerobic oxidation and hydrolysis of fayalite according to the following mass balance 3 Fe2SiO4 + 2 H2O → 2 Fe3O4 + 3 SiO2 + 3 H2 fayalite ...
Standard Metabolic Rate - Cardiovascular Implications
... During exercise that achieves the anaerobic threshold, it is possible to deliver substrates that are desired for optimal energy utilization ... The anaerobic threshold is defined as the energy utilization level of heart rate exertion that occurs without oxygen during a standardized test with a specific protocol for accuracy of ... by studying a graphical representation of the anaerobic threshold ...
Arthur Lydiard - Training Philosophy
... This included hill running and springing, followed by a maximum of four weeks of anaerobic training (Lydiard found through physiological testing that four ... Then followed a co-ordination phase of six weeks in which anaerobic work and volume taper off and the athlete races each week, learning from each race to ... of long, slow, distance running and fast, anaerobic, track work ...
Nif Gene - Examples in Nature
... Klebsiella pneumoniae – a free living anaerobic nitrogen fixing bacteria ... Rhodospirillum rubrum – a free living anaerobic photosynthetic bacteria which in addition to the transcriptional control described before, regulates expression of the nif genes ... Rhodobacter capsulatus - free living anaerobic phototroph containing a transcriptional nif genes regulatory system ...

More definitions of "anaerobic":

  • (adj): Living or active in the absence of free oxygen.
    Example: "Anaerobic bacteria"
    Synonyms: anaerobiotic