What is alone?

  • (adj): Exclusive of anyone or anything else.
    Example: "She alone believed him"; "cannot live by bread alone"
    Synonyms: only
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List Of Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas Characters - Protagonists - Alone
... Alone (アローン, Arōn?) is a young painter whose body is chosen as the vessel for Hades (冥王ハーデス, Meiō Hādesu?), the god of the Underworld and Athena's eternal nemesis ... Alone believes that everybody has a good side and disapproves the use of violence ... leaves for the Sanctuary, they make a promise that, while Tenma tries to become a Saint of Athena, Alone too must try to become a good artist so that he can finish the painting ...

More definitions of "alone":

  • (adj): Radically distinctive and without equal.
    Example: "He is alone in the field of microbiology"; "this theory is altogether alone in its penetration of the problem"
    Synonyms: unique, unequaled, unequalled, unparalleled
  • (adv): Without anybody else.
    Example: "The child stayed home alone"
    Synonyms: solo, unaccompanied
  • (adj): Isolated from others.
    Example: "Could be alone in a crowded room"; "was alone with her thoughts"; "I want to be alone"
  • (adj): Lacking companions or companionship.
    Example: "He was alone when we met him"; "she is alone much of the time"
    Synonyms: lone, lonely, solitary
  • (adv): Without any others being included or involved.
    Example: "The burden of proof rests on the prosecution alone"
    Synonyms: entirely, exclusively, solely, only