What is alley?

  • (noun): A lane down which a bowling ball is rolled toward pins.
    Synonyms: bowling alley, skittle alley
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An alley or alleyway is a narrow lane found in urban areas, often for pedestrians only, which usually runs between or behind buildings. In older cities and towns in Europe, alleys are often what is left of a medieval street network, or a right of way or ancient footpath in an urban setting. In older urban development, alleys were built to allow for deliveries such as coal to the rear of houses. Alleys may be paved, or simply dirt tracks. A blind alley has no outlet at one end and is thus a cul-de-sac.

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Alley - Other Meanings
... In typography, "alley" is also used to refer to the gap between two columns of text ... A bowling alley is a building where the game of bowling is played ...

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    In the mind there is a thin alley called death
    and I move through it as
    through water.
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)

    Holly: Oh, Brad, I’d do my act in clown alley or the horse stop for you. I’d do anything if it was just for you.
    Brad: Pigeon, look. Out under the sky you know how I feel about you. But under the Big Top one performer’s just like another to me.
    Fredric M. Frank (1911–1977)