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El Alamein Fountain - War Memorial
... The Australian 9th Division fought in both battles of El Alamein during the Second World War ... The El Alamein fountain commemorates the Australian army's roles in the North Africa campaign in general, and the two El Alamein battles in particular ...
... Alamein can refer to El Alamein, a town in Egypt First and Second Battle of El Alamein, during World War II Alamein railway line, Melbourne, Australia Alamein railway ...
Enham Alamein - Etymology and History - Alamein
... In World War II many of the injured from the Battle of El Alamein were brought back to the UK and to the recovery centre in Knight's Enham ... In thankfulness for this the component "Alamein" was appended to the village's name ... In Enham Alamein there is still a charity, Enham, that provides work for disabled members of the community as well as services to enable disabled people to live the lives they choose, both in the village and across ...
Timeline Of World War II (1942) - July 1942
... 1 First Battle of El Alamein begins as Rommel begins first assault on British defences Sevastopol falls to the Germans the end of Red Army resistance in the Crimea. 11 Rommel's forces are now stalemated before El Alamein, largely because of a lack of ammunition. 15 The only action around El Alamein is light skirmishing ...
Alamein Railway Station
... Alamein is a railway station on the Alamein line in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia ... It is located between Ashburn Grove and Laurel Street in the suburb of Ashburton and is the terminus of the line ...

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    This sort of thing may be tolerated by the French—but we are British, thank God.
    Bernard Law, 1st Viscount Montgomery Of Alamein Montgomery (1887–1976)