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Communications Security Establishment Canada - Controversies
... employee of the organization, Mike Frost, claimed in a 1994 book, Spyworld, that the agency eavesdropped on Margaret Trudeau to find out if she smoked marijuana and ... it “Canada’s most secretive spy agency” and that “this ultra-secret agency has now become very powerful”, conducting surveillance by monitoring phone calls, e-mails ...
Agency - Places
... Agency, Iowa, USA Agency, Missouri, USA Agency, Montana, USA. ...
Orakzai Agency - Geography
... Among the seven tribal agencies, Orakzai Agency is the second smallest in area after Bajaur Agency ... It is bounded by Kurram Agency in the west, Khyber in the north, Kohat District on the south and Peshawar in the east ... The whole of the territory of Orakzai agency is a mountainous tract dissected by numerous dry water courses, especially in the south-western part of the agency ...
Orakzai Agency - Talibanization and Army Offensive
... After a humiliating defeat in Waziristan, the Taliban fled to Orakzai Agency ... The army cut them in the west from the Kurram Agency, in the south from Kohat and in the east from Bara and started a three pronged attack, locals supported the army to their ... Lower Orakzai Agency Village Jalaka Mela ...
Central Bureau Of Investigation
... The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is a governmental agency belonging to Government of India that jointly serves as a criminal investigation body, national security agency and intelligence ... The CBI is a premier investigating police agency in India ... It is also the nodal police agency in India which coordinates investigation on behalf of Interpol Member countries ...

More definitions of "agency":

  • (noun): A business that serves other businesses.
  • (noun): The state of being in action or exerting power.
    Example: "The agency of providence"; "she has free agency"
  • (noun): How a result is obtained or an end is achieved.
    Example: "An example is the best agency of instruction"
    Synonyms: means, way
  • (noun): The state of serving as an official and authorized delegate or agent.
    Synonyms: representation, delegacy

Famous quotes containing the word agency:

    It is possible that the telephone has been responsible for more business inefficiency than any other agency except laudanum.... In the old days when you wanted to get in touch with a man you wrote a note, sprinkled it with sand, and gave it to a man on horseback. It probably was delivered within half an hour, depending on how big a lunch the horse had had. But in these busy days of rush-rush-rush, it is sometimes a week before you can catch your man on the telephone.
    Robert Benchley (1889–1945)